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Sommerfest / Sommersonnenwende vom 23.06. 25.06.2023
Veröffentlicht am 25.05.2023

"We should be the change that we wish for this world!", Ghandi

Socio-ecological project “LebensGut Cobstädt”

The community project "Lebensgut-Cobstädt" was founded by a few young people from Erfurt in Thuringia in the beginning of 2004. We understand ourselves as a small network of friends, projects and communes that have a common base here. Over the years around 23 adults and 8 children settled in 5 homesteads in the village. We lead a cooperative life and work inn these homesteads and on around 12 hectares of cultivated land. Many different workshops and other employment opportunities were created, in which we can realize ourselves and in which we work together ecologically and sustainably.

We have have a tree school, a market garden, opportunities for natural learning pedagogy and social work, a forge, an apiary, a bakery and a community kitchen, a wood workshop, a clothes workshop and an artisan workshop, some sheeps, goats, ponies, donkeys, chickens and all the tools and knowledge to make cheese.

For the purpose of self sustainability and experimental agriculture we are creating an agricultural ecosystem with so far over thousand different fruit varieties. We also have a small seed bank with rare vegetable and grain varieties, and also a herb garden for spices and medicinal herbs.

Every homestead is organizing itself internally, but there is a strong connection between the homesteads in form of friendships and joint projects.  We are always trying to fulfill all individual needs, work together, take responsibility for each other and help and support each other. From time to to time all of us come together for celebrations, feasts or joint activities. The basis for everything we do reciprocal appreciation and respect for life itself.

You are always welcome here.