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Neu ++Apfelsaftpresse in Cobstädt!++
Veröffentlicht am 27.09.2017
Liebe Freunde der Obstvielfalt, Sie können jetzt bei uns, jeden Mittwoch, Ihren eigenen Apfelsaft pressen lassen. [lesen]

“When someone is dreaming alone, it‘s just a dream. But when many are sharing the same dream, it becomes the start of a new reality!”
Helder Camara


Do you want to build a different world with us? You find room and opportunity here.
We invite everyone to visit us, but please call us or write an Email so that we can take time for you and are able to plan ahead.

Sincerely yours
The Community

"The problems of this world can not be solved by the same way of thinking that created them."
Albert Einstein, 1929